Disposable Slice Pizza Boxes (10 Count) 

  • Style: Disposable Slice Pizza Boxes (10 Count) 
  • Material: Durable Clay Coated Cardboard Paper
  • Description: These pizza plates are proudly made in the USA ensuring quality material that does not tear or bend easily. It’s made of durable clay-coated paperboard adding to even more strength and stability. These pizza plates showcase excellent workmanship! These pizza slice plates come in perfect size. With a 7 3/4 x 8-7/16 in size, these wedges are the perfect size to hold your pizza slices, pie slices or large cookies. Designed for convenient usage: These trays are a great addition to any pizza store, cafe, food truck or restaurant to serve pizza in a convenient way. In terms of party time, your Pizza parties have just gotten a whole lot more fun with these adorable holders that guests can take use to eat their delicious pizza slices. Similar usage applies to your office parties, outside events, etc.  
  • Usage: They are great multipurpose plates. These pizza wedges have many more uses besides for just pizza! Use them to hold a variety of food items such as steak, cookies, cheesecakes, pies or any other non- liquid item of that size requirement.