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Trench Coats: Complete Guide to Make a Trendy Fashion Choice in 2022!

Trench Coats


Trench coats are the classiest, if not the trendiest, clothing for both men and women. Put simply; trench coats are three-quarter length coats that offer supreme protection from dust, grime, and rain. Indeed, it doesn’t keep you protected like a full-on winter coat. But, it does an excellent job keeping your finer clothes look pristine. In this guide, we will learn about trench coats from the inside and out. We will discuss its purpose and the different types of trench coats available in the market. Not just that, we will share the various ways and styles you can flaunt your new trench coat in 2022! Let’s get started!


What is the purpose of trench coats?

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Trench coats reflect the men’s military heritage since these make the oldest army garments worn from an early 20th-century era. That’s right – you still had to look your best while going to war. Although trench coats were used to keep the mud off one’s uniform, such a crucial part of the army uniform was only allowed to be worn by officers. The purpose of trench coats was perfectly defined by a vintage Burberry ad – “afford hygienic and efficient protection against wet or chill and prolonged resistance to hard wear.”


Women’s fashion accepted trench coats after World War II and was popularized by Hollywood gems like Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Munroe, Audrey Hepburn, and others. Trench coats show that fashion can be a perfect combination of practical and stylish and provide a transitional piece of clothing during fall and spring. Most trench coats are made from materials like leather, gabardine, and cotton.


Things to consider while wearing trench coats

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Most trench coats are light and waterproof. They are quite practical as these come with deep pockets along with stylistic versatility. One can easily transition a trench coat from a smart to a casual dress. Good thing that trench coats come in a wide array of colors. Most trench coats in the market have the traditional menswear shades of navy, black, or khaki. If you are going to rock trench coats, you must consider a good tailor-fit, especially when they are fully buttoned up.

The trench coat should feel fit at the shoulders. Make sure the coat doesn’t balloon around the body because it gives you an out-of-shape look. Tall and big men would like to wear trench coats without the coat belt. This allows them not to draw attention to their mid-section. One way to do trench coats right is just pulling them on loosely over your jacket. Moreover, the trench coat should have the right length. One should aim to have a coat that doesn’t go beyond your knees.

Also, aim for a length that is no shorter than mid-thigh. Bought a long trench coat? Don’t sweat it because trench coat fabrics are easy to work with. So, get them tailored as per your needs before you go out and flex. Let’s discuss the different types of trench coats you can buy for all your style needs, shall we?

What are the different types of trench coats?

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A fashion staple across genders, trench coats come in different styles. These have evolved over time – from being single-breasted to stylish designs made of colorfully patterned silk! There are so many different types of trench coats available in the market. Here are a few you should most definitely check out.


1. Navy trench coats

Navy trench coats make a perfect choice for men who like rich and elegant colors. Such trench coats look exceptionally good during the fall and winter season, especially if you are wearing them over navy suits. A navy trench coat acts as a perfect cover for the suit jacket and gives you a stylish monochrome look. You can wear them to accentuate your casual style since these look great with blue jeans and a shirt. We suggest you routinely swap your denim with some tan or grey chinos or go for a brighter look.

2. Grey trench coats

We love grey because it is one of the most versatile colors out there. A grey trench coat makes an excellent layering piece, especially in spring when you would want to for a lighter-colored suit. We have often found people wearing a dark grey or charcoal trench coat to give their look a monochromatic feel. You would want to put on a grey trench coat if you always wear checked chinos or trousers. 

3. Beige trench coats

Camel trench coats make a superb case for people that love a light neutral color. Such trench coats work perfectly with any color of the suit. However, you’d want to couple the trench coat with some traditional earthy colors like khaki, rust, mustard, or brown. We suggest you treat the beige or camel color of the trench coat as a neutral for your look and pair it with something white, black, or grey.

4. Black trench coats

Black trench coats are for people that can pull off the classic dark and mysterious look. Such trench coats are an excellent choice if you want to put them on solid or printed casual outfits. These go well with neutral as well. Experiment for a great transitional look by wearing the trench coat over a light-colored outfit.

5. Short trench coats

If your trench coat falls from just below the hip to mid-thigh length, you’re wearing a short trench coat. These are generally a good option for women that are short. It’s because such trench coats don’t add weight or bulk to their style. These won’t make your legs look short too! But these don’t look good on women that are petite AND curvy. We suggest longer-length trench coats for them. 

6. Medium trench coats

Medium trench coats are the most common trench coats you’ll find people wearing. The reason is simple: these coats look flattering on most body types. No matter what your body type is – regular, tall, slim, or curvy – you can wear medium trench coats with ease. Girls with petite and curvy bodies would love to get their hands on medium trench coats.

7. Full-length trench coat

Trench coats that fall anywhere between the knee and ankle are considered to be full-length. Such long trench coats give a dramatic look that almost everyone can pull off. If you are tall, you have got to try a full-length trench coat. What about short people? Well, they can rock it, too (if you have the confidence). However, we would suggest you go for a lightweight fabric with visibly high-waisted bottoms.

How do people wear trench coats?

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We are certain that by now, you must have realized how versatile trench coats are. They not only withstand different types of weather but they can be styled for different settings too! These trench coats make a perfect layering option during the transitional seasons like fall and spring. In other words, you can wear a trench coat whenever the weather conditions allow it.

  • Casual trench coats

You can easily style your “jeans and a t-shirt” look with trench coats. Women would love to play around with the top, especially with a slightly unbuttoned blouse. Trench coats also go with the ultra-casual look where you’d want to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt. But, what about the shoes? Keep it casual with a pair of sneakers. Not a sneaker freak? Trench coats also go well with loafers, ballet flats, pumps, or ankle boots. 

  • Trench coats at work

Most business settings have a formal dress code. Indeed, it can be painstakingly hard to find outerwear that matches your business uniform. But, that’s not the case with trench coats. We shared a number of trench coats that look exceptionally great with sheath dresses, blouses, pencil skirts, and more. Most trench coats are long enough to comfortably hide your uniform. So, you can stay stylish and keep your business clothes clean at the same time.

  • Trench coats for a formal setting

Are you wondering whether trench coats go with cocktail dresses and evening gowns? They sure do. They might not look as classy as a fur coat. But, they’ll do a good job keeping you warm and protecting your dress for the next event. 

Final remarks!

We created this trench coat style guideline to help you learn the different ways you can make your look perfect with a trench coat. The idea was to convey that trench coats aren’t just for men. Indeed, it is a popular style of men’s outerwear. But, it has gradually made a space in the world of women’s wear too! The timeless design pumps elegance and class regardless of who’s wearing the coat. Did you find this style guide helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!



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