Three Compartments Clamshell Takeout Box [(10x10x3" 3 Compartment) 100 Count ]

  • Style: Three Compartments Clamshell Takeout Box [(8.66x8x3″ 3 Compartment)]
  • Material: 100% compostable eco-friendly sugarcane fiber. Temperature is good to 120C.
  • Description: Our Bagasse Products are Made of 100% Sugarcane Fiber, a Sustainable, Renewable, and Biodegradable Material making it a great Alternative to Traditional Paper or Plastics. Ideal for restaurant serving, food trucks, take-out orders and picnics, events and gatherings.
  • Usage: Microwaveable, Leak Free and Sturdy. These containers are very rigid and durable. Best of all, after you are done you can compost it with food waste sthere‘s no clean-urequired.
  • Highly Rated For Affordability (less than 0.98 cents or penny a count), durability, Sturdiness, and Easy of Use.

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