Modern Take-Out Disposable Paper Bowls [ (35 oz) 50 Count] 

  • Style: Modern Take-Out Disposable Paper Bowls [ (35 oz) 50 Count]  
  • Material: Cardboard Paper 
  • Description; the dimensions of this set of disposable paper bowls is a set of 50 bowls that can hold 35 ounces. The container is height: 2.9 in, cup bottom: 5 in, top edge diameter: 5.9 in. Set is medium size paper bowls that is easy to use the bowls were built in waterproof and oilproof copy, they are suitable for hot food and cold food and bowls can be used through temperature range from -20℃ to 120℃. The disposable paper bowls were made using food grade paper card raw materials, offer strong sealing performance, not loose, not leaking, keep the food safe.  
  • Usage: the natural kraft bowls are the perfect carryout for leftover food, soup, salad, pie, cake, and sandwiches, pastas, poke bowls, etc. It is an ideal solution for ice cream desserts and soups, Our large soup bowls can be used for birthday parties, weddings, gatherings of friends, and family camping, making it easier for office workers and students to bring lunch 
  • Care: Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe indoor