Light Weight Disposable Plastic Forks [(1000 Count) White] 

  • Style: Light Weight Disposable Plastic Forks [(1000 Count) White] 
  • Material: Plastic  
  • Description: Plast form we designed from durable polypropylene construction. This means they were made of durable polypropylene; therefore, these disposable forks are strong enough to last through your meal service. Forks are medium weight which is perfect for quick-serve restaurants, stadiums, and fairs. These disposable forks come in classic white color, a colour that look great and can be used in any setting. Since they are disposables, you do not have to spend time on cleaning them up. So these forks save time on cleanup as cleanup becomes a breeze! Use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or desserts to conveniently eliminate any warewashing needs and free up your staff to handle other important tasks. Offer them with your takeaways in catering and restaurant service takeouts. 
  • Usage: These dinner napkins are perfect for daily and special events such as birthday parties, full-blown celebrations, showers or family dinners at home, school lunches, office lunches, etc. 
  • Care: Disposable One Time Use Only 
  • Highly Rated For: Affordable, easy to hold, durability and sturdiness