Women’s Brilliant White & Gray Athletic Ankle Socks 

  •  Style:  Women’s Brilliant Athletic Ankle Socks 
  • Material: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex 
  • Description: Quality women’s athletic socks These sport socks for women provide athletic Support-.The Power bands of this athletic Lycra in this socks gives a perfect elastic ability to hold your feet all around, and the elastic loop knitted in the middle feet can adapt an optimum tightness to follow your feet in any kind of motion, the sole is fully cushioned to provides a full support to the feet for best energy. They are convenient that means that  “Y” heel constructure gives an increased depth to heel pocket for a better fit that makes it easy to get in, but never sliding into your shoes during your movements. The highlighted middle-side lines make it easy to identify the horizontal boundary to wear it in right position without any later adjustments. These athletic socks are durable. The 200 needle-count fabric knitting all around, high-density cushion in full sole and double knitting in all the joint positions, all these details provide a superior reliability and durability to these athletic socks against any problem of tearing off or wearing out. Socks are Fresh, the special dynamic moisture wicking fibers in these cushioned socks can absorb sweat quickly, the breathable mesh constructure in the instep reduces the heat, it makes your feet fresh and cool all day. Finally, these athletic socks wash free. Our proprietary memory fabric in these socks make them super deformation resisting, make it always recover the perfect function and shape after wearing and washing, no matters by hand or machine. 
  • Usage: Suitable to gifting Kids, family, relatives and for all special occasions of celebratory nature, etc.  
  • Care: Machine Wash.