Single Compartments Clamshell Takeout Box  [(9 X 6 inch) 50 counts] 

  • Style: Single Compartments Clamshell Takeout Box [(9 X 6 inch) 50 counts] 
  • Material: Eco-friendly plant fibers, recyclable bagasse.   
  • Description: These single-compartment clamshell takeout boxes are made from eco-friendly plant fibers. In this offer, containers come in a bundle of 50 clamshell containers packaged together. Set of containers are attractive and elegantShowcase your food with this attractive container made to keep our environment healthy and thriving. By choosing these containers you make a difference. In that, we mean that small things make a large impact! Each individual container is made from recyclable bagasse, one of our many plant-based substitutes. Our to-go premium organic straws are out to replace materials that are harmful to our environment. Finally, give your business an edge with these take-out containers. Demonstrate to your customers that you are an eco-business and that you are environmentally conscious by using our wide variety of sustainable tableware. In terms of quality, takeaway containers are certified by the Bio-Degradable Products Institute (BPI) and FDA-approved. They are also in compliance with all guidelines. 
  • Usage: convenient multipacks, they are everyday restaurant takeaway wear for your menus.  
  • Care: Microwave Safe 
  • Highly Rated For Affordability (less than o.60 cents or penny a count), durability, Sturdiness, and Easy of Use.

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