Premium Quality Paper Straws (250 Count)

  • Style: Premium Quality Paper Straws (250 Count)
  • Material: Natural Recyclable Fiber Paper
  • Description: The product is two hundred fifty count, premium quality paper straws with Strong 3 Layer FSC Certified Paper, safe and strong for all kind of drinks. Canada Brown Paper Straws are known for high quality! Straws come individually wrapped for better hygiene and convenient storage. Easily peel open and use only as many as you like and freely hand out to others! Straw lasts up to 24 hours with cocktails, cold coffee, soda, iced tea, milk, water and any kind of cold drinks! They are widely used for birthday parties, kids parties, baby showers, home & office get-togethers, cake pops, bridal showers and ideal for restaurants, hotels and cafes too! Straws are 100% eco-friendly made with Natural Fibre Paper is known to be Recyclable, Compostable and Biodegradable. They are Food Safe. Our Paper Straws are lab tested to be made with FDA Approved Materials and are widely used in various establishments. Better for the Environment eco Friendly Paper Straws are better for planet Earth than plastic straws and are also marine-friendly!
  • Usage: For cocktails, cold coffee, soda, iced/boba tea, milk, water and any kind of cold drinks!
  • Care: One time use, disposables.