Minimalist Creamy White Queen Bed Frame With Upholstered Headboard 

  •  Style: Minimalist Queen Bed Frame With Upholstered Headboard 
  • Material: Natural Wood and high-quality linen fabric 
  • Description: Representing minimalist design, this queen platform bed frame with upholstered headboard are made of high-quality linen fabric with durable fabric, the headboard is made of vertical strip pattern and filled with comfortable foam cushion, the appearance is simple and generous, suitable for a variety of bedroom styles, injecting a modern touch to the traditional bed frame design. The bed frame features Stable Support. The queen bed frame wood contains a durable steel frame structure with quality wood slats. Durable wood slats also protect the life of your latex, memory foam and innerspring mattress. You do not have to worry about weight bearing. The queen bed frame with headboard can hold up to 900 lbs. For easy Installation, all the items for installing the bed frame are put in a box and shipped directly to your door. The parts and tools needed are in the zipper compartment of the headboard, and it takes about 30 minutes-1 hour for 2 people to work together to complete the installation. Further, the bed frame comes with under-Bed Storage. The queen bed frame’s under-bed storage provides you with enough storage space, you can use this amount of space to store living miscellaneous items, providing a humane design for your living environment. A Sweet Tips, the parts and instructions for installing this product are said to be placed in the zipper layer on the back of the headboard. Bed frame queen size: 60*82*42 inch. This Bed Frame would easily last you 8-14 years with proper care.
  • Care: Wipe with Dry Cloth