Lip Mask for Dry/Cracked Lips 

  • Style: Lip Mask for Dry/Cracked Lips 
  • Description: Long Lasting Moisturizing: This lip balm is rich in vitamin E,camellia seed oil, olive fruit oil , which can deeply nourish the lips, lock in moisture, and make them tender, full, and charming. The kit is portable: The 0.7-ounce Lip sleep mask cream can easily fit into your bag and pocket, conditioning and moisturizing lips anytime, anywhere, making them plump and charming. The main effect: the main function of our lip mask is to effectively clean dead skin. Apply it before bedtime and when you wake up in the morning, a gentle touch of dead skin can easily peel off. It can be used day and night, to care for lips during the day, and to repair damaged and dry lips at night. Regular use can effectively reduce lip wrinkles. 
  • Usage: It can be used during the day or at night. One night care is equivalent to approximately 10 day care sessions. Especially if you like to apply lipstick. Before applying lipstick, apply a layer of substrate to make the lipstick smoother. Our kit is black lip salvation: Lip sleep facial mask for dark lips has a unique lip care formula that effectively reduces pigmentation, reduces nicotine spots caused by smoking, brightens dull lips, and makes them look healthier. 
  • Care: Store it in a dry cool place preferably in your fridge or beaty fridge.