Lemon Grass Fragrance Diffuser

Style: Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Wood Ratten Reed Aromatherapy. Content in the Diffuser bottle measures (100 ml  or about 3.5 oz) of lemon grass fragrance essential oil. 

Material: Made of 100% lemon grass fragrance essential oil. This diffuser’s aromatherapy properties consist of natural lemongrass essential oil – improves the mood, charges you with vivacity and optimism, returns activity, gives strength and energy. It stimulates intellectual abilities, enhances attentiveness. You can enjoy this joyful and cheerful scent in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and office.  

Description: Lemon grass reed diffuser fills the room with intensive and lasting natural fragrance.  The content in the bottle features customised lemon grass essential oil that is designed to restore and vitalise your senses and relieve you of many things such as stress, unpleasant odour, etc. The time of full evaporation is about 10 weeks. It is the best reed diffuser lemongrass that fills your room with adorable fragrance. Choose one of our reed diffusers and enjoy natural fragrances for a long time. Fill your house with fresh aromas from Aromatika TM collection. 

Care: Easy to use, insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle.  The lavender fragrance oil is gently  volitilised by the flipping of the natural rattan reeds, giving you home or any other space a long lasting, continues scent into air for at least 90-120 days or 3-6 months. 

Highly Rated for: Relaxing, Refreshing Scent, Flame and phthalates free and perfect gift set.