Lavender Scent Diffuser

Style: Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Wood Ratten Reed Aramomatherpay. The content in the Diffuser bottles measure (120 ml or 4 oz) of lavender fragrance oil. 

Material: Made of 100% lavender fragrance oil. This diffuser’s aromatherapy properties are stronger than most essential oil scents. No need for any Aromatherapy machine: with only one bottle of the lavender fragrance oil, you can enjoy this joyful and cheerful scent in your bedroom, living room, and office.  

Description: The perfect relaxing and refreshing scent, this diffuser contains a lavender fragrance that is soothing, natural, and floral in a classic-shaped bottle. The content features customised lavender essential oil that is designed to restore and vitalise your senses and relieve you of many things such as stress, unpleasant odour, etc.  The set includes a complete reed diffuser set of 4.09 oz premium quality lavender fragrance oil, 6 natural rattan sticks, a decorative bottle cap, and a stylish and refillable glass bottle. 

Care: Easy to use, insert the reed sticks inside the diffuser bottle.  The lavender fragrance oil is gently volatilised by the flipping of the natural rattan reeds, giving your home or any other space a long-lasting, continuous scent into the air for at least 90-120 days or 3-6 months.