Hydrating, Repairing & Moisturising Lip Balm Mask

  • Style: Hydrating, Repairing & Moisturising Lip Balm Mask 
  • Material: Vegan 
  • Description: This item has a dual effect structure design. One bottle contains lip scrub care and lip moisturize care, which can help soften the aging horny of the lips, and add rich nutrient moisturizing essence to the lips, create a pink baby lips. No strong smell or taste, candy masks, vegan and healthier. Candy can keep the skin smooth and clean and can effectively improve dry skin. One application of the lip mask overnight can be up to ten times more effective in caring for your lips than using ordinary lip balms. Maximize your rest time for lip care, when all muscles are relaxed and movements are minimized, allowing for greatest absorption. The kit provides hydration and protection, lock moisture, repairs cracked and damaged lips. Not only does it have a moisturizing effect, but it also increases the luster and elasticity of the skin. This product is easy to absorb and can strengthen the skin’s moisturizing ability. Apply a suitable amount of the lip sleeping mask evenly on the lips before bed. In the morning, use a cotton pad or paper towel to wipe off the residual lip mask. 
  • Usage: to repair dry, chapped and dull lips, Perfect gift for yourself, friend, coworker and family 
  • Care: store it in a cool area preferably in your fridge